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Meet the Investing Coaches

All Investing Coaches working at Stoic Money must have:

1. A strong financial academic background and relevant work experience

2. A Recognized Qualification as Independent Financial Advisors

3. A proven track record as stock market investors of at least 5 years


When joining Stoic Money each Coach goes through a 6-months internal training to become an Investments and Tax Expert for a specific set of countries. 

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Andrea Fiorin

Andrea has worked with over 50 clients of Stoic Money from 10 different countries and has the experience to solve and optimize any complex financial situation.

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Davide Rossato

Davide studied directly with one of the best traders in Italy and has been a teacher for several years. Combined with his passion for stock analysis, he is a versatile Investing Coach.

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Manuel Chisso

Manuel has a strong financial background and is always developing new profitable strategies. He is an enthusiastic coach always looking to provide the best results to his clients.

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About the Founder Vittorio Rigato

I have been investing for over a decade and taught my Stoic Investing Method to hundreds of employees and business owners worldwide.

Our mission is to provide people with the best financial education to unlock a safer and more rewarding future.

Each new student joining our Coaching Program is followed by a dedicated Investing Coach and also have complete access to myself via chat and calls when needed.

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