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For employees and professionals:

Here's how you can become a Confident Investor and create a long term plan to $1,000,000 Net Worth

(Even if you are a complete beginner and have no time to invest)


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Here's how you can become a Confident Investor and create a long term plan to $1,000,000 Net Worth

Dear Future Stoic Investor,

My name is Vittorio Rigato and today I want to share with you the only strategy you'll ever need to reach Financial Freedom.

If you ever tried to invest in the stock market, you probably thought at least one of these things:

- I don't know where to start

- I don't have time to do it

- It is too complicated

- It is too risky


Well, let me tell you something that will probably make some people angry...

Anyone can learn to invest successfully on the stock market, become a Millionaire and make Financial Freedom a reality.


You should be.

The financial industry is full of scammers nowadays and you should not trust anything you see on the internet 😉 

So Let Me Give You All The Proof You Need!

But first, read this disclaimer:

The method I am going to describe requires motivation, consistency and most importantly patience to work.

This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme that will make you a Millionaire in few weeks.

If you are looking for that BS, you won't find it here.

What I am going to describe is a data-driven and success-proven method that can help any average investor to achieve their investment goals over the years, if not decades.

We are going to make the best out of your financial situation in a realistic way, without overpromising results if we do not believe they are achievable.

With that said … Let me jump right in...

This is the simple strategy that I used for the past decade to consistently make money every year in the stock market

The same Stoic Money Strategy that hundreds of employees and professionals from all over the world learned by working with me…

...And in turn are growing their Net Worth in a predictable and consistent way,

...All while not spending hours in the stock market every day...

... Not paying crazy commissions to financial advisors they cannot really trust...

...And best of all having more time to focus on their family and passions while their money works for them...

Just like Kevin McCabe from Ireland, who started to see his money growing non-stop just 2 months after using our strategy!

And this is not even the best part...

The best part is that Kevin is investing on his own now without paying commissions to anyone. This means that he is keeping 100% of his gains, something that will let him gain an extra $780,000 in his portfolio in the next 16 years.


Imran Karmali, a family business owner that became a Value Investor and is on track to create a $5,000 monthly passive income


Imran never invested before working with us, but was so passionate and hard-working during the program that he created his own portfolio in less than one month, and is now practicing different money-making strategies to push his journey towards Financial Freedom.


This is Rashvinda Kaur from US. She created a roadmap with us to make Work Optional in less than 10 years.


Rashvinda did few investment courses before joining Stoic Money, but she soon realized that they were far too shallow, and she needed some customized guidance for her specific situation and goals.

During the program, Rash loved in particular the 1:1 sessions, as we could “run the numbers” for what was possible for her.


We could easily fill this page with hundreds of success stories - you actually find 40+ more at the end of the page.

But long story short, we know our strategy works.


So simply click the button below to book a free call and we'll show you how you can create a consistent passive income like hundreds of our clients!

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If you are still here, you are probably thinking: "If it was so easy, everyone would be financially free. Where's the catch?"

You are right. The average investor makes only 2% return per year in the market, which is definitely not enough to reach Financial Freedom.

Investors fail because of The 3 Obstacles to Financial Freedom:

Obstacle 1: Lack of Knowledge

Before even thinking to invest, you need to understand what you are doing.

The problem: 90% of the information out there is useless.
When I started to learn about investing it felt overwhelming.


Obstacle 2: Lack of Strategy

Even if you know how to play the game, you won't succeed unless you stand out from the crowd.

There is no magic formula that works for everyone: your strategy should be based on your income, age and long-term goals.


Obstacle 3: Lack of Mindset

Without the proper mindset and patience, your knowledge and strategy are worthless.

After all, even the greatest investing plan won’t help you if you get easily emotional!


Solving these obstacles will let you achieve your investment goals. 

So now you may be start thinking what's the best way to tackle these obstacles or - in other words - how to start making your money work for you.


This is where the average investor takes one of the Three Worst Decisions to stay poor forever.

The #1 Worst Decision: hiring a Financial Advisor

Sounds great right?

You have this great "investment expert" that will do all the work for you, apparently you are not even paying them, and they make you rich!

... Have you ever seen someone saying "I became a Millionaire thanks to my financial advisor?"

Yeah, I did not see anything like that either.

The reality is that trusting completely someone else with your money is not a sound choice, because you will always face conflicts of interest.


The #2 Worst Decision: becoming a trader

Influenced by all these scammers on Instagram showing off a luxurious lifestyle, you decide to learn to trade on the side of your job.

How difficult can it be? I mean you are just competing against Wall Street traders that have more time than you, more resources than you, more connections than you...

You get my point. Trading is a fake dream presented as a get-rich-quick scheme on social media.

The reality? 82% of traders lose money. Why would you play a game in which your probability of success is so low?


The #3 Worst Decision: buying a video course

Although it can be a good start to learn something, you will soon realize that any video course is not... personal.

To sell a video course to a wide audience, influencers and course creators have to keep it shallow.

You will always have some questions left because any situation is unique: there is not a single investing strategy that works for everyone.

"Vittorio, you just destroyed all of my options to invest my money! So what does it actually work?"

That's probably what you are thinking. Sorry about that. 

The reality is that I have been burned myself with each of these options and I want you to avoid making the same mistakes.

Let me tell you few things about my Story:

 At 18 years old, I found myself in a quite unique situation: my parents, after trusting a financial advisor from 1995 to 2015, decided to take the matter of growing their money into their own hands.

Why? Because in 20 years of management, their 7-figures portfolio... Did not grow of €1.

This means that, if you account for inflation in those 20 years, they lost half of their money.

The same money that they would need to experience a comfortable retirement.

The desire to help my family moved me to learn about investing.


I did my fair share of experiences to become a confident investor: I have a Master Degree from Frankfurt of Finance & Management, and I studied finance at London Business School and Harvard Business School.

After my graduation, I worked few years in the fintech industry in Frankfurt am Main, the financial heart of Europe.

Here I was managing daily portfolios of €100 Millions and more.

In the meantime, I was learning constantly about investing to help my parents safeguard their retirement and create generational wealth.

And let me be honest... It was a painful experience.

I jumped from video course, to book, to youtube videos.

Learning on my own has been overwhelming.
The more I searched for answers, the more questions I had.

That's where I realized the importance of customized guidance: someone to talk to that does not have conflicts of interest and you can trust.

And so in 2021 I founded Stoic Money with a single purpose: provide people with the best financial education to unlock a safer and more rewarding future.


Since then, I coached hundreds of people around the world and helped them create their own portfolio, and now many of them are seeing incredible results: the average Net Worth increase of Stoic Money students one year after working with us is $52,000.

In the meantime, I still invest for myself with a 6-figures portfolio, while I increased the value of my parents portfolio of €1.5M in the past 6 years.

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So what is the big secret behind Stoic Money method?

It's very simple yet effective.

I figured out that the old way of managing money was seriously flawed.

The old way looks something like this:

1. You find a financial advisor

2. They recommend you what investments to make and take a hidden commission from you, but you can only trust them as you do not have the financial knowledge to evaluate their decisions

3. You become completely disinterested in your money invested as someone else is taking care of it

4. 5 years later, your portfolio value is still the same as the day you started, but you paid thousands of dollars to your financial advisor in hidden commissions

5. You work until you retire or, even worse, die.


This is how average investors approached the stock market for decades, with terrible results.

Instead, we help you to be in direct control of your money and take any investment decision with confidence


This is how we do it:

1. We first teach you how everything works in the stock market. This means that you won't be required to invest anything until you are confident enough

2. You choose which broker platform to use and do not have to share your login details with anyone (= in other words, we cannot directly control your money)

3. We define together the investments that make sense for you based on your situation, goals and risk aversion. We then help you make your first investments.

4. You grow your portfolio and passive income with the strategy we created. You count on our support over the years to improve your strategy and you will be always on top of things

5. You create a big enough monthly passive income that lets you make Work Optional and reach Early Retirement!

The Stoic Money Method focuses on transparency and on the importance of learning to manage your own money. 

Our priority is to make you a Confident Investor and then support you over the years until you reach your Financial Freedom goals.

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Your First Million Dollars Coaching Program helped hundreds of employees and professionals to create a realistic plan to Financial Freedom

We coached every single one of our clients on a one-on-one basis, so that they could...

Analyse any stock, bond, fund, ETF and crypto by following a precise investing checklist and approach...

Say goodbye to any fee related to brokers, investments, taxes and financial advisor as we get zero commissions on any investment...

Build their investment portfolio and optimize it over the years by always counting on our support...

And much more.

Here’s The Exact 3 Phase System Revealed In Your First Million Dollars Coaching Program To Ensure Your Success


Step 1 - Goals Definition and Strategy Setup

In the free call you are going to book, we are going to discuss about you.

We want to know what motivates you, what challenges you are facing when it comes to finance and what big goals you have for your life.

If we both see the fit to work together, we are going to build a customized game plan for you to achieve those goals.


Step 2 - Strategy Creation

Once you join us, for the next 6 weeks we are going to work one-on-one to provide you with everything you need to create the perfect strategy.

This includes teaching you everything about the stock market, setting up your broker, defining the right investments for you, creating a milestones roadmap, and much more.

The way in which we are going to do this will be incredibly efficient.

You will have access to a huge library of resources, mainly video lectures, covering what you need to become a Confident Investor at the end of the program.

And you will have access to weekly 1:1 Strategy Sessions with your own Investing Coach.

Each week, you are going through the content at the pace that works for you and then we are going to have a 1:1 call to focus on your personal strategy and answer your questions.

Our support includes also 24/7 Chat Support, so you can always reach out to us!


Step 3 - Strategy Boost

Once we created the strategy, it's about seeing the results.

We don't want this to be something like:

"Here is your strategy, good luck and goodbye"


It's very important for us to see the success of our students, so that's why we are going to keep supporting you for the next 6 months.

Every week, you will receive an update on the market as well as any new investments we are considering.

And you will always have access to your coach support.

Let me summarize everything in an easy way to remember: This is an All-In-One package.

You will never need any other course after this.

Here's a Sneak Peek of the 30+ hours of video lectures you will have lifetime access to!


 This is something you won't find anywhere else... You will have complete access to my personal investments

This is a huge problem in the financial industry, as these so-called experts are always giving you advices, but never showing where their money actually is...

I actually challenge you to find any financial advisor or investing coach that will share with you where they are investing and what returns they are getting.

Well, here we do things differently.

I am completely transparent with my students, as I want to show that I actually get the results using the strategies I am teaching.

So I openly share my portfolio, my returns as well as the many failures and lessons I learned over the years, including any future portfolio updates.

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Now we are about to do something crazy...

We're gonna let you try our strategy out risk-free

You heard that right.

If at any point during the 6 weeks in which we build the strategy, you feel we are not moving closer to the goals, you don’t see the value of what you are learning... You will get a full refund.

No questions asked.

What I am teaching here worked for my parents portfolio, which I increased from €2.5M to €4M in 6 years and worked for hundreds of people I guided.

So I can make sure you are 100% satisfied... Either you get everything we promised today, or you get your money back.

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Why we are making this insane offer?

Because we know that nowadays the financial industry is full of scammers and gurus promising impossible results with magic formulas and ponzi schemes.

And honestly... I am tired of that.

Investing in the right and serious way can be your best choice to improve your financial life.

So we are going to show you how to do that with zero risk from your side.


Remember: You are the only person that wants the best for your money

So instead of investing for you, we are going to empower you with the knowledge, strategy and mindset to reach your financial goals yourself - but always counting on our support.

Hit the button below, book a time and date that works with you, answer a few quick questions and we'll see you in the call!

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Hundreds of employees and professionals worldwide trust us with their financial goals


Investors successfully coached in Stoic Money 1:1 Program


Nationalities including EU, UK, US, Canada and Australia


Average years to reach Financial Freedom for Stoic Money students

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