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Davide Rossato

Investing Coach specialized in UK & Italy



Youtube: Davide Rossato

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +39 3404842601


Who am I?

I am a human being who has faith in people and I am sure that all of them, having the right knowledge, can aspire to a better life.
I am someone who believes in the value of education, personal growth, and human respect, that comes from the responsibility to work with people and money.
In this business you need sincerity and listening...
That's what I try to put on my role.


What do I specialize in?

I studied finance and achieved a master's degree in trading and wealth management with one of the best Italian floor traders, Paolo Serafini.
Once I understood the enormous capacity for social improvement that comes from the financial markets, driven by a strong passion, I specialized my self on building personalized investment plans, tailored suits designed for customer's needs.
I manage my “long term” personal finances using the things I teach, combined with a several knowledge about stock options.

In my free time, I record Youtube videos focusing on stock market technical analysis (LINK).


What motivates me?

If you ask me, "What is the best job you can imagine for yourself," I will tell you, “help people”.

My way to do this is through financial education and well management of the economic resources available.
We all know that when we walk into the bank and ask for a worthwhile investment, we are treated as numbers and not as people.
My mission starts from the desire to turn this vision on its head and put power in the hands of the customer, remaining available for review situations, changes and requests.

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