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Few words on my background

Professional achievements

- Invested for more than 8 years,  managing both the retirement account of my family as well as my own portfolio

- Personally gained +174% in 2021 by investing in ETFs, individual stocks and crypto

- Coached 200+ beginners worldwide to become confident investors and to build a strategy to Financial Freedom

- Worked in the FinTech industry in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and managed financial products with value up to €100 Millions


Educational background

Master Degree in Finance & Management at Frankfurt School

Master Exchange in London Business School, with focus on systematic investments and securities analysis

Master Exchange in Harvard Business School

- Top 5% Worldwide result in the GMAT Test (assessment measuring advanced math & intellectual skills)

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The story behind Stoic Money

Hi! I am Vittorio Rigato and I am the Investing Coach behind Stoic Money.

At 18 years old, I was taught that investing is dangerous and should be left to professionals. I believed that a good job with a fixed salary was the only possible path to a safe retirement.

However, the idea that 40 years of my life had already been planned ahead by a never-ending cycle of work, pay your bills, repeat... It seemed just wrong. I wanted more than that.

And I was 100% sure that giving my hard earned money to a third person, like a financial advisor, was not the solution. Besides, I didn't want my Financial Freedom to depend on someone else.

Since I was seeing so many friends trusting their local banks to earn nothing, I I started asking them: "Why don't you invest in the stock market yourself?

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The answers were always the same:

- I don't know where to start

- I don't have time to do it

- It is too complicated

- It is too risky

These answers had two root causes: lack of knowledge and lack of time.

And so this is why I created Stoic Money: to provide employees and professionals with everything they need to invest independently and reach Financial Freedom!

Because no matter your location, income or background... If you want to create a Passive Income, make Work Optional, and reach Early Retirement... You just need one thing: Motivation.

And if you have that, I will give you everything else you need to succeed! 

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