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Junior Sales

Our Sales Role.

Qualify potential clients and convert them into clients by helping them find the perfect coaching program.

Salary: €2,000 - €4,000 / month

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Investing Coach

The Financial Expert.

Guide our clients with a 1:1 approach and build with them the perfect roadmap towards Financial Freedom.

Salary: €2,000 - €4,000 / month

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About the Founder Vittorio

My name is Vittorio Rigato and I have been managing a 7-figure portfolio for more than 8 years, while working in the fintech industry in Frankfurt, Germany.

Then, in 2021, I created Stoic Money to help beginners become successful investors and create a passive income from their investments, so that they can make work optional and reach early retirement.

We believe no financial advisor or bank will have your best interest and instead will always take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

It’s your responsibility to develop the skills to create the financial future you want for yourself and your family.

Our Mission is is to provide people with the best financial education to unlock a safer and more rewarding future.

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