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A Simple Way To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Oct 22, 2023

Hello Stoic Investors,

Today I want to talk about balance.


Life can be exhausting.


If you have ever:

• Slept less than 6 hours for multiple days in a row
• Been unable to take your mind off of work
• Skipped a weekend trip because you had to work

…I have news for you.


And it’s robbing you of your life.

46% of Americans consider themselves workaholics.

And 66% of Americans working full-time report not being able to maintain a proper work-life balance.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing to be ambitious.

But it’s equally important to know when to wind down.


Because in the end, that’s the only thing that ensures long lasting momentum.

You can’t grow if you’re stressed and tired. Period.


So, let me walk you through a few methods I use to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


10 tricks for a healthy work-life balance

Set Boundaries:

Clearly define your work hours and stick to them. When the workday ends, switch off and focus on personal life.


Prioritize Tasks:

Identify your most important tasks and tackle them first. This minimizes the risk of work overflowing into your personal time.


Take Regular Breaks:

Short breaks during work can boost productivity and reduce burnout. Use them to recharge.


Limit Overwork:

Avoid excessive overtime. Consistently overworking can lead to burnout and negatively impact your personal life.


Plan Your Day:

Create a daily schedule to allocate time for both work and personal activities. Stick to it as closely as possible.


Learn to Say No:

Don't overcommit. Saying "no" when your plate is already full prevents overwhelm.


Delegate Tasks:

At work and home, delegate tasks when possible. Share responsibilities to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Quality Family Time:

Dedicate uninterrupted time to family and friends. Put away devices and be present during these moments.



Disconnect from work emails and messages during non-work hours. Use this time for relaxation and hobbies.



Make self-care a priority. Exercise, meditate, or engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation regularly.


What do these all have in common?

They’re easy use.

You can literally start with some tomorrow and watch your life change.


You’ll be happier, healthier and calmer.

I think that’s worth the try.


So, note down these points and start practicing today:

1. 46% of Americans consider themselves workaholics
2. 66% of Americans working full-time report not being able to maintain a proper work-life balance
3. Work-life balance = happiness + health + calmness


See you again next week.


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