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My Weekly Routine

Apr 07, 2024

Hello Stoic Investors,

Today I want to share with you my weekly routine and how I'm able to manage my online business,

my investments, and my private life.


I want to talk about this because lately some of you have been curious about my personal life – how I

handle my investments, how I manage my work, what I do to organize my week, for example.

(Some of my friends even joke that I must have "48 hours in a day", because I can do a lot of things in a



Also I want to share with you more about me and what i do, rather than just sharing information about the

stock market.


For these reasons, I thought it might be nice to share with you how I organize my week, especially because

it could help some of you find a way to optimize their time.

Of course, I'm constantly searching for ways to improve myself, so I can’t say this is the absolute best way

for everyone to organize their week, but I believe it might be helpful for some.


I thought about the idea of optimization when I started investing, because I realized that time is more limited

than we often believe.

Many of us have probably thought at least once, “I want to become a millionaire one day”.

However, the key difference between those who dream about it and those who actually achieve it is

understanding the significant effort that is required.


I made this realization when I was working in consulting in Germany, simply making a couple of calculations.

I realized that if I invested $1,000 per month for the next 20 years, I would have $2.000.000 (or less,

considering inflation).

And so I thought: “That takes a lot!”.


Since then, I've learned to value every minute of my life.

Even though I know relaxation is also important, I structure my day to be sure I make progress towards my


Some may find it extreme, but I believe that if you end the day in the same place as yesterday, you haven't



So, let's talk about my calendar.


During the week: Unleash creativity and encourage team growth

The first thing I do in the morning is completing the checklists for my business—like checking sales, ads,

and team performance.


Then, I read my philosophy notes and watch videos to remind myself of important things, for example not

stressing about competition or sweating the small stuff.

I think it’s fundamental because they help me stay on track and keep growing.


Late in the morning I work out, and I do this four times per week, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and



If I have some calls, I take them in the afternoon.

I do this because the most important thing I learned from the past years is that I'm more creative in the

morning and more analytical or just less energetic in the afternoon.


For this reason, my mornings are dedicated to my projects, like a new landing page, a new product, hiring

people, things that need a lot of mental energy.

Instead, in the afternoon, I handle calls and other smaller tasks, like helping my team to do all things

regarding the business.


In the evening, I usually have dinner around 8:00 p.m.

I dine out at a restaurant about five times a week because I enjoy going out to interact with people since I

work from home.

I have my favorite spots, and the staff knows me well because I visit them every single week.


After dinner, I usually do recreational activities like watching anime or just playing some video games with

my girlfriend.

Right now, we're playing Skyrim (for the 10th time I think).


So my general rule is to avoid distractions during the day because they can shift my focus.

That's why I also use an app to limit my social media use.

In fact, despite being an influencer, I rarely use Instagram.


On Sunday: Time for my investments

As you may have noticed at this point, during the week I don't even look at my investments, and I have two


The first is my personal one, a multi-six figures portfolio that I created several years ago.

The second is a seven-figure one, and it’s the retirement portfolio of my parents.


I manage them on Sunday morning.

I dedicate about an hour to review and explore new opportunities (and yes, one hour is enough).


But why do I manage them on Sunday?


Firstly, the market is closed on Sunday, so I can avoid getting emotional about fluctuations.

Secondly, I believe that patience often leads to profits, so it’s important to wait rather than constantly take



So once I found my investments and I'm happy with that, I just take one hour on the weekend to review that

everything is going as planned.

And if there's nothing for me to do, I do nothing.

I recommend it to any investor out there.


In conclusion, to summarize my week:

It starts with creative work in the morning and gradually calms down towards relaxation in the evening; on

the weekend, I dedicate only one hour on Sunday morning to check my investments.


So, if you want to optimize your week, Note down these three key points:

1. Try to understand when you have the highest energy levels throughout the day. It helps you

determine the best times for doing creative or analytical tasks.

2. If you're a long-term investor, you don't need to spend multiple hours per day monitoring your

investments; one hour per week is enough. I recommend doing this on Sunday.

3. Don’t forget to relax. I do it in the evenings to avoid distractions, and also because I see it as a

reward for my day's work.


See you again next week.


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About Me

I am Vittorio Rigato, the Investing Coach behind Stoic Money.

I invested for more than 8 years, both for myself and by managing the 7-figures retirement account of my family.

After my¬†Master Degree in¬†Finance & Management,¬†I worked in the FinTech industry in Frankfurt (Germany) and managed financial products with value up to ‚ā¨100 Millions.

In 2021 I have founded Stoic Money to teach employees and professionals worldwide how to invest to reach $1,000,000 Net Worth and beyond. Many of them reviewed Stoic Money service with a video testimonial here.

Multiple Finance News Websites like Yahoo Finance and Euronews talked about Stoic Money mission and services.

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