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What customers are saying

Saloni Gupta (5⭐)

So easy to read and understand. Also a very quick read to understand some tough financial concepts for a beginner.

Written in very simple language.

Highly recommend it.

Andre Kotze (5⭐)

This short powerful book highlights everything you need to know BEFORE investing. It is on point, practical and relevant. While reading it I realized that if I knew this beforehand I would’ve saved myself a lot of time, money and costly mistakes in my journey to create financial independence. Read it!

Angelica Espiritou (5⭐)

I've always been intimidated when it comes to investing because I picture that you need a lot of money to invest, but this e-book changed my perspective on that and helped me gain confidence in my road to financial freedom! I highly recommend this e-book to young beginners like me and for those who are doubtful of starting their investing journey.

Misch Mayet (5⭐)

The book taught me how to invest from scratch without wasting any of my time. The information was broken down very nicely and made it easy to understand, especially to a novice like myself. I liked how Vittorio rebuffed the myths about investing which made me feel more at ease and confident to try my hand at investing.

Nagato (5⭐)

I have known Vittorio personally since he started as Investing Coach. If you have recently started to invest, this ebook can definitely help you. Keep growing, brother ❤️

GS Investing (5⭐)

It’s hard to cover the most important aspects of investing without making it sound complicated. But Vittorio nailed! Perfect reading for beginners.

Esteban Zoggia (4⭐)

Probably my favorite thing is the checklist. It's easy to use and can actually help you to create a better investing plan.

Mario Ondei (5⭐)

Straight to the point. I wanted to learn how to invest from zero without wasting any time and it's what I got with this book. The checklist before investing is great.

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Who, specifically, is this e-book for?

Make Work Optional is for beginners who want to learn the basics of investing and get actionable insights to create a realistic Financial Freedom plan.

If you aim to reach Financial Freedom but you are overwhelmed with the seemingly complicated world of investing, this e-book is for you. 

Who should NOT buy this e-book?

If you already know how to invest successfully and have a money management system in place this e-book is probably not for you.

This e-book is focused on beginner investors looking to speed up their learning. It includes everything you should know when you are starting out as investor, so that you can avoid many beginner mistakes and make much more money.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to bring your knowledge to an advanced level, you may benefit more from Stoic Money Coaching Program, in which we work 1:1 to help you build a $1,000,000 Net Worth through long-term investing.

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What's inside?

Part 1

How to reach Financial Freedom

  • Learn what Financial Freedom means in practice and how to achieve that
  • Discover the 5 myths about investing and how to actually make money in the stock market
  • Understand the 3 obstacles of the average investor and learn how to overcome them

Part 2

Your Checklist Before Investing

  • Set up an automated Budget Plan to efficiently manage your money, including how much you should invest per month to reach your goals
  • Learn how to find the right size for your emergency fund and how to manage it
  • Follow my pay off debt strategy to be in the right position to invest

Part 3

Define Your Investing Plan

  • Define your investing style through the 3 Key Questions of the Stoic Investor
  • Quantify your Financial Freedom goal and how long it will realistically take to make Work Optional and reach Early Retirement
  • Learn how to plan for different investment scenarios to maximize your strategy results

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If you are starting from zero as investor, this is the right e-book for you. Vittorio explains all the important concepts for a beginner with clarity. I loved this from the first page to the end. 


David Valmori

Serial Entrepreneur

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